Friday, 17 June 2011

Poznan at the OK Corral

I needed to get a trip to America up and running in May 2011 but at the same time I was planning it, my football team Manchester City were doing well in the English league and in the domestic cup competition, the FA Cup. In fact, they'd reached the FA Cup final, so I booked my flight for the Monday after the match and my friend Dave Ford and I saw The Blues win it. City fans have developed a celebration adapted from a Polish team, FC Poznan, that we met in a European cup competition earlier in the season where the fans turn their back to the pitch and jump up and down. City fans have embraced this wholeheartedly and Dave and I had done the Poznan at Wembley after we scored the winning goal. So the temptation to 'Do the Poznan' at the OK Corral when I was there was irresistible. I managed to talk an elderly German couple into taking this picture, having told them: "So I turn my back, right, and you take the picture then.." They didn't get it, but all that matters is they got the shot. So here's a Poznan at the OK Corral for all you Blues.

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