Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Breakfast at Jenny's

So there I am, having my breakfast on a Saturday morning with my loved one and young son in Jenny's cafe in Porthmadog, a kind of Welsh greasy spoon. I'm looking on the kids' menu for a vegetarian option for my boy Martins and all I can see is mince, lamb, fish and chips etc. I ask the table server if they have a vegetarian option and he looks down the list of meat options, and we agree there isn't anything there, but perhaps he could have a small portion of something off the adult menu.
"There's fish.. vegetarians eat fish," he says. I take a breath, as flashbacks from Barnacles (see earlier post) enter my head.
"No, vegetarians don't eat fish," I say. "Some people who say they're vegetarians might eat fish, but they're not vegetarians.. they're fish-eating vegetarians.
Astonishingly, he comes back with this: "No, you're wrong. It's vegans who don't eat fish. Vegans don't eat fish, vegetarians do."
I'm taken aback. "Vegans don't eat dairy products - eggs, milk, cheese," I tell him, realising the pointlessness of arguing ethics with a guy in a greasy spoon. "Anyway, we'll split the spanish omelette and have the coleslaw and potato salad as a side order to fill it out."
As one of the few places offering breakfast in Porthmadog, Jenny's is a decent option - if you like well-cooked greasy spoon. But I'm thinking twice about stepping into these places at the moment. It seems being a vegetarian in a greasy spoon is just too controversial.

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